Timeless Heirloom Wedding Gifts

A couple's wedding is a time of celebration. We know when looking for a gift for the happy couple you will want a timeless gift that can be treasured for many years.

In many cultures, wedding blankets are considered to be good luck

From heirloom quilts handed down with nicknames like “the baby maker” to Moroccan Berber blankets that are an essential item in a bride’s outfit, a sentimental piece meant to empower the bride and prepare her for her new life.

A handcrafter blanket or throw is a timeless piece that will stay with the new couple through out their lives.  Our small batch collection of throws and blankets make a wonderful gift for a newly married couple. These throws and blankets are hand woven with on wooden looms crafted with care and the individuality of the maker.

They are timeless, so the couple can enjoy them for years in their home.