Mindful Gifting

The Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s a time we join together with loved ones, connect and replenish.  It can also be stressful, filled with anxiety of wanting to buy the best gift, struggling with a budget and last minute lists.

How can one balance the feeling of joy of the season and what can feel like the demands of a commercialized holiday?

Gifting with Intention

Planning ahead, give yourself time to focus on what is important, time to think of the things that make gifting joyous and meaningful to you.

Reflect on ...

  • How do you understand and measure the value of a gift?
  • How can your appreciation and love be transformed into holiday gifts?
  • How do you want to share your positive energy with people you care about?
  • What are other ways of giving and sharing, different from the regular practices?

Do some prep work with lists, writing down your to-do’s and exploring your why behind the holiday festivities.  This will help you prioritize what is truly important to you. 
Create a list of mindful gifts that will be truly appreciated by those on your nice list. Not just the first item you see but consider conversations through out the year mentioning things friends need or have interest in.  This will help you shop more mindfully and, avoid the consumerism habits and overwhelming last-minute experience of buying gifts for the sake of giving something.

Personal Touch

Consider a personal message as part of your gift.  Share appreciation and how you cherish your relationship.  A hand written note adds a special touch additional meaning to any gift.

(Be) Present

Cherish the time spent with friends and family over the holidays.  Remove other distraction that take your attention away from those in your company.  Disconnect from social and work interuptions. Spend time focusing on the people you care about. Give them your time, energy, and mindful attention. 

Embrace the spirit of this season, take time to reflect, and put purpose and love into every gift you give. And remember, your presence and mindful attention is a gift others will hold dear.

Merry Christmas x