Why Babouche Slippers

We all deserve a little luxury at home. This may mean beautiful décor, soft accessories and perhaps some flowers and candles for a delightful fragrance.
For me, a cozy space at home is not complete without some simple yet stylish loungewear. Something that keeps you comfortable and cozy but does not leave you running for cover when you hear a knock at the door!

Travelling years ago, I received a beautiful pair of Moroccan Babouche Slippers. They became my essential slipper! Our home and most of our friends have wood or tile floor and rather than slip in socks, have the discomfort of high heels or worse exposed feet due for a pedi, I always bring my stylish babouche slippers with me.

With jeans, a lovely summer dress lounging in the garden or your PJ’s inside, the bespoke colours and simple style are always complimentary. The buttery soft leather is wonderful to wear.
Adding to this they are direct trade from our partner artisan, Essamery & his team, continuing this traditional craft.

I am addicted!